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Tendency amongst bigots to show solidarity with a race/religious/ethnic group they normally despise when a member of that group is beating up on another minority the bigot hates even more. When one brand of racism trumps another.

Princess Leia only shows disdain for Wookiees throughout the Star Wars trilogy. "Get this big walking carpet out of my way!" "I'd sooner kiss a wookiee!" She even sneaks into Jabba's palace by selling off a handcuffed Chewie.

The only time she openly takes Chewbacca's side in anything is when Chewie is choking out Lando, the only black character of significance in the entire trilogy.
On Lockdown, the guards talked about how the nazi gang was allied with the mexican gang against the black gang. Whats up with that?

Lando Effect bro...Lando Effect.
by TarantinoDork October 18, 2010
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