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A 20-60 year old white male who bicycles around decked out in head-to-toe, top of the line cycling gear and spandex like he thinks he's Lance Armstrong. There is no reason for him to be so overly equipped as he is a non-athelete recreational cyclist, he simply has loads of money with which he tries to fill his gaping pit of personal inadequacy. He is typically a very bad cyclist who either doesn't know or simply ignores the rules of the road. Highly narcissistic, he also suffers from poor anger management. A bane to fellow cyclists, pedestrians, and automobiles, Lancetards benefit only the local bike shops who make a mint from their frequent and lavish purchases.
Ugh! I almost got into an accident this morning when a stupid fucking Lancetard ran a red light in front of my car.
by MissManglewood May 26, 2011
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