A dog's idea of a tiolet.
Let's piss up the lamp post!
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
Top Definition
A taunting word. Its suggestive, but it doesn't have a meaning other than a simple lamp post. Its used for fun, to see how far the oblivious member of the group can go with elaborating about "Lamp Posts".
Person 1: "Haha, thats a big lampost!"
Oblivious Person: "Yeah, I bet you do like that big lamp post! Get it? Get it? Eh...?"
by Amber F April 27, 2008
The place in Narnia marking where the wardrobe is.
Mr. Tumnus met Lucy by the lamp post.
by Starrgrl October 23, 2009
A structure used to hold a lantern in place with the intention of lighting roads, footpaths, car parks or other such areas at night. They generally consist of a post (or 'column'), and an arm (or 'bracket') onto which the lantern is inserted. The first 'lamp posts' probably consisted of burning torches on top of wooden poles around villages. Gas lamps were originally used in modern society, but their light had a very limited range, and they had to be lit by hand every night. In the twentieth century electric lamp posts became commonplace, are now to be found in towns, villages, cities, on motorways and other main roads everywhere. Originally they were made of cast-iron, but throughout the decades lighter metal lamp posts gradually came into use. Concrete lamp posts became popular during the fifties, as they did not need to be painted and were sturdy. These kinds of lamp posts (which are the best in my personal opinion, especially the older, more ornate ones)have concrete brackets with metal pipes inside them. Although there were concrete lamp posts before the war, the shortage of metal during and after the war probably helped their popularity. In recent years, however, concrete lamp posts are all being removed due to corrosion or the worry they could be dangerous if someone crashed into one and it fell on either them or a passer-by. (It is actually the metal piping inside the bracket, along with the bolts holding it to the post, which rust, buckling out of shape and cracking the concrete. If it wasn't for this you could probably have a concrete lamp post which lasted forever). Metal and plastic lamp posts are now in common use, many without brackets.
They are now putting modern (albeit cheap) lamp posts up all around the towns and villages. This has the negative effect of making the place look tacky and detracting from the beauty of the place.
by Stormsworder January 11, 2007
The name you would be called after doing a stupid action.
"Aiden, you're such a lamppost!" His friends yelled at him.
by JPSzfilms December 05, 2013
To give a lamppost is dragging ones sack over the opposite sexes face in an attempt to cheer them up. this is usually followed by some foreplay and then a 69 and or Doggy/Oral.
"Hey Sarah, you look quite down... would you like me to give you a lamppost
by bludinnitbraap July 22, 2008
Something people like to commit random drunk acts around.
"Baker danced around a lamp post"
by shlovesyou April 19, 2009
An L shaped arrangment of Rizla commonly used in the construction of a bifta.
"Do you want to make a lamppost"
by europiss November 25, 2005
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