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A beautiful model chick who has a cute personality and likes to be lazier than an old cat. You can't help but do what she ask because she's so sweet. She won't turn down food nor a trip to the mall. No one understands how she isn't obese yet.
Oh Lamoni, you're lazy as fuck! But, you're the prettiest mofo around.
by NauseamRide August 12, 2011
By far the cutest girl you can meet! She can make you smile just by hearing her voice or seeing her beautiful face. She knows that she has looks but does not flaunt it or think highly of herself because of it. Finding good in everyone is her specialty. Making guys want her is an easy job.
Lamoni is such a cutie!
by Kyyoot August 16, 2011
Gorgeous, sexy, lean, classy, sweet, nice, caring, and smart. Her personality is adorable and cute, I could just hug her so tight then fuck her against the wall! She acts likes an angel but she has a freaky side. Damn, she's everything in one. Her lips make me wanna do all kinds of things!
Lamoni, I promise not to leave after we fuck. I'll make you my wife.
by Slyguyz August 12, 2011
Rugged good looking man. Well liked and trusted by most except ex-girlfriends and their parents. Great dad, great husband and lover. Enjoys various hobbies and interests especially outdoor pursuits. Is just as comfortable in expesive suits as he is in his smiley pajamas. He could use a haircut though.
I wish I had a cool name like Lamoni
by Lamony February 02, 2010
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