some of the most unreliable cars on the planet. when their owners are not busy speeding or cruising down boulevards like total tools, they are worrying about radio dials falling off, windows getting stuck in the halfway position, and cylinders popping out of their gaskets.
the lamborghini murcielago is a particularly bad one
by bopyloo April 04, 2012
A design of female pubic hair that resembles male facial hair. This could be based on any style, for instance the 'Hitler' or the 'Brazilian'. Derives from the Lamborghini Countach (Cunt-tache). Can also be referred to as a Lambo for short.
"She's got a sweet little Lamborghini going on under there."

"Pulled this girl last night, good news is she's got a Lambo, but bad news is it's parked on a dropped kebab."
by RhythmJunky November 24, 2008
Italian sports car with a flashy Italian name.

Looks like a Dyson hoover (the hood of the car does anyway).

Usually driven by rich-ass playboys in Monaco (Famous for its slooooooow speed limits).
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
1. Not a Ferrari.

2. At least it isn't a TT.
Dude1: Hey! Did you see that Lamborghini?

Dude2: Oh... you mean the car that the Ferrari just passed?
by TheAntiCrust November 14, 2006
Crack pipe made from plastic rum bottle and a rubber sparkplug cover
Yo nigga, did you jack my Lamborghini?
by White boy who smokes bud July 11, 2003
Nice looking car that most 5 yr old boys like.
Hey mama buy me a lamborghini.
by urban-crapper June 29, 2003
A good looking car but its is horrible for the price that is put into it you would get a better car out of a pinto then a lamborghini becuase of the high price now a good car is the corvette!!
That lamborghini got rocked by the vette.
by lucas March 02, 2005

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