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A breed of a lion and lamb. It was made for the creator darkness. It can only be raised by his mi amour and him ! The most current lambion out there on earth is named Apah. He is a very cute and sensitive lambion who has traits from his owners. There can only be one lambion for each life time.
Mi Amour: What is that in the sky?!

Darkness: Oh, i was just teaching lambion how to fly.

Mi Amour: If only we could fly D: ..
by lambionsowner. August 17, 2010
Cross breed between of a Lamb and Lion!
Specifically made for a person who is called Mi amour.
It has many different kind of shapes and appearances.
Like gigantor dogs, a bison looking thing from avatar the last airbender, or many or things.
I love mi amour :D
F-What is that?
HC-That animal over there?
HC-That's the Lambion I made :D
by Darknesssss August 11, 2010
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