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Cheap cigarette brand, smoked by underage teenagers because they can't afford anything else. Disgusting flavour and smoke that makes you cough. A self-respecting person would only smoke these as a last resort.
Person 1: Dude, why are you smoking Lambert And Butler?
Person 2: Because I can't afford anything else.
Person 1: Oh, so you're an underage teenager then.
by Izzibella August 30, 2005

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I completely disagree with the other definition.

Lambert And Butler, or L&B, are an extremely good quality brand of cigarettes at a reasonable price.

They are by no means the cheapest brand, and are in fact the most popular British one, with a great flavour and a good finish.
Person 1 - What are L&B?
Person 2 - Lambert And Butler dude, they're the sex!
by friendorfoe100 September 19, 2006