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An 'Alternative' is a person or group of people (usually in their teens) who don't fit into any particular labelled group (goths, grungers, chavs, skaters, etc).

They listen to what they want and wear what they want but are rarely associated with people like chavs and townies.

They are similar to rockers in some ways but are usually more individual.
Chav 1: Oh My GoD yOu LiStEn To MeTaLlIcA yOu GrUnGeR!!111ONE
Chav 2: YoU lIsTeN tO dAsHbOaRd CoNfEsSiOnAl YoU'rE sO eMo!!111OnE
Chav 3: If YoU lIsTeN tO rOcK tHeN yOu'Re A rOcKeR!!111one
Alternative: Actually I'm alternative. I prefer not to conform to your stupid labels.
by Izzibella September 12, 2005
Cheap cigarette brand, smoked by underage teenagers because they can't afford anything else. Disgusting flavour and smoke that makes you cough. A self-respecting person would only smoke these as a last resort.
Person 1: Dude, why are you smoking Lambert And Butler?
Person 2: Because I can't afford anything else.
Person 1: Oh, so you're an underage teenager then.
by Izzibella August 30, 2005
1. The sound made when pecking someone on the lips.
2. The word said when kissing someone quickly on either the lips or the cheek, or anywhere else for that matter.
3. Said over online chatrooms, emails, text messages, phonecalls, etc to symbolise a kiss.
1. ::Mwah:: Jonny kissed Jane on the lips.
2. 'Mwah' Jane said as she kissed Jonny.
3. 'Love you, mwah!' Jonny typed in an IM to Jane.
by Izzibella September 15, 2005

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