Best metal band so far in the U.S.A and has a new album called W.R.A.T.H
Dude listen to Lamb of God
by fiddler mcflux March 20, 2009
One of the best metal bands to come around in years. Their music is brutal and devastating and rocks.
Did you get the new Lamb Of God album "As The Palaces Burn"?
by Laurence April 15, 2004
Largy popular death metal, heavy metal, or death speed metal band. Lamb of God started out as Burn the priest from 1994-1999 when they were shunned and thought of as Devil worshipers and a satanic band. Often mistaked as a christian band as you can see in the music video for "Redneck" off of their '06 album Sacrament.

Deep and powerful vocals thanks to Randy Blythe. Fast passed heavy and powerful, sophysticated and complicated perfectly timed double bass play and riffs. No 1980s metal band

shredding guitar solos just pure raw unrelentless power! You have to be one of the most inapte retarded mentally challenged deaf and incapible people living on this earth if you honestly would label them as "Metal core" or Nu Rock.

SlipKnot was one of the pioneers of Metal. Then Log came in and fucked up the waves of death metal.

Newely arising bands such as Atreyu, KSE, The D. Wears

Prada, AJFAC ( A job for a cowboy), are no oposition for LOG. LOG is one of the pioneers of Death metal.

I personally consider them

"Death Speed Metal"

They are death metal but they are heavy and speedy (fast)

Over all thwy are one of themost devoted Arrists out there! Keep it up Guys!
Lamb of God, LOG,
by Bullet805 July 30, 2009
Ok, I normally don't write definitions but I saw WAY too many people writing things on here that are the exact opposite of the truth. One dick wipe wrote:

"A generic, poor, completely unoriginal, commercial Nu metal/metalcore band.

Along with bands like Killswitch Engage, they take the concept of pinch harmonics and completely overuse them, diluting their effect.

Mainly listened to by your stereotypical "emo" as a way to look cool and harcore"

There are more things wrong with that than I can get in to, but heres a few.

1. They are not metalcore or nu metal. They are a 100% american death metal band with an absolutely unique sound stemming from their funky riffs. On the same token, metalcore and nu metal are about as far on either side of the spectrum of music as classical and rap so "Nu metal/metalcore" makes no sense whatsoever. P.O.D. and Linkin Park are nu metal, In Flames is metalcore.

2. No "stereotypical emo" listens to lamb of god, thats a giant oxymoron.

Now, getting into the real definition. Lamb of God is death metal band from VA who invented a sound all their own by combining the unbelievably heavy lyrics pumped through their screaming machine front man with fast paced unconventional guitar pieces/double bass/funky riffs and harsh, heavy breakdowns.

Their lyrics are some of the most outrageous you will hear from most bands with songs that have seemingly anti-god views (blacken the cursed sun)
Can we still be saved?
Hell, no!
Does your God hold a place for us?
Hell, no!
Is there time to repent?
Hell, no!
Will we rise from the dead?
Hell, no!
Can these sins even be forgiven?
Hell, no!
Is there still hope for us?
Hell, no!
Were we ever even alive?
Hell, no!
Is any of this even real?
Hell, no!

to songs that go into detail about assassinating a leader (one gun)
The eyes of the patriot fixed through the scope
The unknowing tyrant walks to the rope.

It's where murder is justice that martyrs are made
A one gun salute for the new independence day.
They'll hallow your name
They'll hallow your name for your sacrifice.

The album Ashes of the Wake is what really propelled them into stardom, winning various awards and spawning a live DVD entitled Killadelphia.

They took conventional metal (when I say conventional I am talking about thrash metal) and put a dark twist on it and shifted the main focus of the songs to the overall "power" rather than speed or technicality.

Bottom line: Great band. If you like really heavy music then listen to LOG, they will melt your face off.
LOG hater: "I hate Lamb of God, they are weaksuce."
LOG Fan 1: "You're a n00b, they are tEh u83R pwnage!!"
LOG Fan 2: "Yea, they're kind of awesome."
LOG Fan 1+2: "YOU'RE A FAGGOT!!!"
by Cleve February 22, 2008
A crappy band with a wholeeee lot of screaming. Never worth listening to as it makes your ears bleed.
Person 1; Do your ears hurt?
Person 2; Well yes, i accidently clicked on Lamb of God.
Person 1; Oh no, are you alright?
Person 2; Never again, ever, again.
by saveyourears December 14, 2009
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