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the best boyfriend anyone could ask for. hes caring, sexy, passionate and all together amazing and i love him. he is the type of guy that would do anything to make you happy. im glad he is mine and always will be :)
Lalo is my A&F
by A&F BABY March 14, 2010
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Everybody loves Lalo. Female friends wish he was cloned. He is handsome, lovable, kind, generous and friendly. My puppy girls love him to death and cannot wait for him to get home from work. He is my lover and my best friend. I am blessed to have him in my life.
Lalo has warm brown skin and a perfect smile.
by ilovesnugglies September 29, 2010
Nickname for people with the Spanish name of "Eduardo" , such as Memo for Guillermo, Pepe for José, Pancho for Francisco, or Chucho (or Chuy) for Jesus.
Eduardo went to work = Lalo went to work.
by eduardo357 February 17, 2015
An equal opportunity racist who loves to poke fun at the pinche gringos. He is known for being passionate about la cucaracha and wantingly supports taco venders with pride!

Lalo is synonyms with smart, funny, strong, ass kicker, chingon

Used as a verb
- Mira stop acting stupid or I'm going to Lalo your ass

Used as an adjective
-Aye your IQ is so high! You are such a Lalo!

Lalo can be used in place of all synonyms listed above
Example #1
If you see someone standing in a taco line holding a picket sign that reads:~ PONLE GUACAMOLE~ you can say "you are such a Lalo!"

Example #2
If you come across a pinche gringo who is complaining about a cucaracha comic, you can say "callate pinche gringo before I Lalo your ass!"
by La "D" January 28, 2014
A common mexican slang name for a transexual prostitute.
Lalo is charging twenty bucks to see the penis under his skirt.
by ofrankxthextanko December 11, 2006
Another name for assholes who ruin their buddies' great relationships because their life basically sucks.
"Yo, Lalo, why did you fuck up things between your friend and his girlfriend?"
Lalo: "Oh, because he was so happy, and he loved her so much, it got on my nerves. Im not that happy with my girlfriend/life so i had to hurt them!
"Wow what a prick!"
Lalo: "I know, thats why I am going to be alone. FOREVER!"
by ChewyLewy April 08, 2009
A new way to say the boring, old, lol or haha or means LAughing LOudly, and you can say it at all the same times you say lol, etc. You can choose how to write it.
person1: So I said to him, "It's on your foot."
person2: lalo!
by Droplets October 28, 2007

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