Top Definition
A term of endearment used toward a complete and utter dude.
It's motherfuckin' lally in the motherfuckin' house
by kilno-ville October 22, 2009
Ruggedly handsome, awesome smelling, speed of a mongoose, awesome fighting ninja, befriender of all things great and small. True.
Where is Lally?? We need the Lally!!
by noonehoe September 04, 2010
Someone who is really cool and awesome and all around the man.
"That kid's the man"
"Yeah he's a Lally"
by ~Lally~ May 18, 2010
To roll your penis between your palms while masturbating to gay porn.
I went by sean's house last night and caught him pulling a lally.
by Tina Crellin July 20, 2008
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