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When somebody talks - and laughs while doing it - so annoying
She lalks all the time, so she tells me a story and it goes like this - hahahahasoIwenttotheshopshahahahahandyouwon'tbelievehahahahawhathappenedhahahaha.
by Lozi1984 February 28, 2013
"lalk" was made/discovered, when somebody in boreness looked at the word "alkohol" (meaning "alcohol") put together like this:


...if you look very carefully you can see the word "lalk" hidden in there:


...when ppl started asking questiens about the meaning of the word, they were given the answer: "it means...ehhh...Laughing And Loud Kontest (Contest)"

...and that's how "LALK" was formed...and it has been like that ever since...
Spanden-cf: "jeg sidder ved min mors bærbare..."
kNas: "LALK"


person #1: "I just saw an enormous, flying donut outside my window"
person #2(blaeks_prut): "LALK mand LALK"
by kNas July 10, 2003

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