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Seaweed, except in a lake.
Bob: There is a lot of seaweed in this lake

Tim: No, retard, it's lakeweed.
if you call it seaweed again, I will slap you with my dong.
by Timothy J. C. August 03, 2008
lake weed is how george fisher of cannibal corpse says liquid in the song i cum blood.

lake weed is also the nasty stuff in lakes. like the dead fishes and stuff.
george fisher- "swollen with lake weed, ready to burst!"

Thompson-"man, shit there is a lot of lake weed in this lake! but that girl has a bra outline so its okay.
by slugvag July 06, 2009
Lakeweed is a form of green slimy vegitation that grows in lakes opposed to it's cousin seaweed that grows in the sea.
Lake Ontario is so dirty. There's way too much lakeweed and other creepy things for this girl to handle.
by Kellyblack April 17, 2014
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