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Lake Worth is a coastal city of 37,000 residents and 7 square miles, located in Palm Beach County, Florida. The Atlantic Ocean and the broad waters of the Lake Worth Lagoon form the city's east boundary and the beautiful fresh waters of Lake Osborne its’ west. Next door to Palm Beach, it is situated along the latitude making the northern most point of the subtropics. Lake Worth is truly the place “where the tropics begin” and the fun never ends.

Lake Worth is a dynamic, multi-cultural city with a strong social and environmental consciousness. People are drawn to the city by its independent character, acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles, many historic structures, hip downtown, and distinctive residential neighborhoods. The city has a rich history and is protective of its historic architectural fabric. Over 1,000 historic buildings contribute to the human scale and charm of the downtown and residential areas.

The City is the geographic and artistic center of Palm Beach County. The downtown is considered the artistic soul of Lake Worth with a historic theater and a museum, live music clubs, coffee houses, art galleries, antique malls, retail stores, and many restaurants.
Let's go to Lake Worth!
by M.C. Kenzie August 30, 2013
A city in Palm Beach County, Florida. Lake Worth is a dangerous city filled with Hispanics who can't speak English, ghettos, homeless people on every street, and crack addicts with no teeth. It is close to West Palm Beach, the 7th most dangerous city in the country.
A Mexican crack addict is pointing a gun towards me. Figures, I'm in Lake Worth, Florida in Palm Beach County.
by Florida Person May 19, 2007
im from the west side of lake worth but now live in the east side. the west side was drug dealin, gangs, and the occasional murder/gun fire. the west side is a little bit better its not as much of a violent place but there is still drug dealin and people still fell like they need to walk around strapped. the most common drug is dirty weed and some of that good purple shit.
Lake Worth is my slum
by whiteboiinthehood January 07, 2015
High crime, low rent, generally run down city in east central Palm Beach County. Its noted for a high population of drug addicts, non-whites, released felons, sex offenders, pan handlers, prostitutes, and drug pushers. Commerce in Lake Worth consists of dealin' drugs, ho'ing, and graftin'. Lake Worth is in the 98th percentile of per capita run down auto parts stores within its city limits, compared with all US cities.

Lake Worth, n. - any old and run down place, that suffers from indigent population and usually has a high crime rate, esp. violent crime. v. - a) to make or cause an area to become run down and crime filled. b) to send or banish someone to a run down high crime area. Can also be used as an adjective or adverb.
This town has really got lake worth since the factory shut down.

Woman! You trying to lake worth my place with all your useless shit?

Shawnita's living west of town, since she dissed Jocko one to many times and he lake worthed her ass.
by Bordello Bob February 04, 2010
One of the biggest shithole cities in southern florida. either nothing but crackheads, trailer trash, ex-convicts or drug dealers. The scum of the earth, might as well be called Lake WorthLESS instead.
I have to go to lake worth and get my car fixed in the middle of the ghetto by a guy named Rusty who just got out of jail.
by MKpctv January 11, 2007
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