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Usually incredibly short, perky and most definitely likes one direction (she is a type of girl who likes bands and goes obsessive if one of her friends likes them too). If you treat her bad she gives you the silent treatment, but she doesn't mean it. Laiza is a really happy person, and when she is sad she likes to walk alone, in the rain, running away from the friends that want to comfort her. Once Laiza loves she loves forever. She is very intelligent and strives for higher things. Laiza is a very organised person. Laiza also likes to think she is good in bed, and likes to orgasm occasionally.
Glen: Who's that asian chick. She's so hot!

Justin: I know, I love her ass! and her long black hair

Daryl: Back off, Laiza is mine

Joshua: STOP! i have a date with Laiza tomorrow, she said yes to me on twitter.
by Matty_Fareglion July 11, 2012

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