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1. A person who is awesome.
2. One who is computer savvy and technologically inclined
3. When used as a name, Laira comes from the word Lair. It was adapted as a female form to symbolize a place for a female to lay her evil plans.
4. One who personifies Genius.

Usually used to give a name to one who exceeds all other words used for something or someone that is excellent, rad, cool, AWESOME, smart, diabolical (in a positive way), phat, etc.
1.That chic is too much a Laira to be seen around here. She's putting the rest of them to shame.
2. If you were Laira, you could probably reprogram that.
4. You are absolutely Laira for figuring that one out!
by Metah-4 Genome February 03, 2010
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