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An amazing, talented, intelligent female. Offers everyone her time and is an example to follow. Often blond haired.....and can cook... oh man ... a Lainy sure can cook, and if you love her, you will love her forever, she will always be in your head.... Go find a Lainy Now......
Lainy is always there for you. Lainy is not just for Christmas, she is a friend for life!
by charles drake November 21, 2011
A Lainy is is a mix of all things awesome, pretty and happy. If you find a Lainy you will love her forever. Also she is one of the most prettiest people outside and inside. She carries a kind heart. She knows to never count on her looks but on how kind, sweet and clever she is. A Lainy will never hurt a living soul but she is never afraid to take a risk. Go find a Lainy right know.
Hey I think I saw a Lainy. How can you tell? Because she is gorgeous,and when I said hello she had the most kind and mellow voice in the world. Also she was on a unicorn, legend has it that Lainy's always rides unicorns.
by Charile the fry March 05, 2015
A girl who is really pretty and popular and a Miss Perfect, (blonde, or something) but is a real two-faced spoilt bitch at heart.
say like in your american high-school films, there's always the lainy girl: blond, popular, who bullies the innocent girl who turns out to be the star of the show (the princess diaries: Lana, i think her name is)
by Pooky Mmmmmmmmm December 01, 2004

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