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1. A girls name in Latvia
2. Goddess of luck and destiny, in ancient Latvian mythology. She is the one who makes life paths and gives opportunities to people. Sometimes grants wishes.
3. A chocolate factory in Latvia
4. Happiness
5. Luck
She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and her name was Laima.

I love Laimas.

Laimas are very sexy..
by Asterisk* Momma April 11, 2010
1.A person who supplies milk to the child of others.
2.Usually gets sexually aroused easily to provoke milk glands,thus producing sufficient milk.
3.Someone who conducts explicit sexual acts to keep the hormones flowing.
1.We hired a laima and she feeds our triplets everyday.
2.laimas are so sexy.
by smexxyshnizit September 12, 2007
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