Having lounged around in the sun in a bikini all day for the sole purpose of getting a tan. Activity is usually accompanied by margaritas and is done poolside or at a beach. A favorite pastime of females in warm climates or on vacation.
Guy: What'd you do today?
Girl: Aww, nothing. Just hung around by the pool and laid out.
by beeuuutiful May 24, 2008
To get a buzz off of smoking a hookah

see also lemonade-out
Damn dude I am laid out off this double apple sheesha janks
by C. REP March 21, 2007
when a girl is sucking your dick and you are about to cum pull out and stomp on her foot, then when she is hopping up and down in pain cum on the floor so she slips and eats shit
"I totally laid out yo mamma last night."
by koolaidkoolaid October 07, 2011
gettin krunk on the chloroform
nigga gettin laid out
by mike meyers February 23, 2007

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