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An example of a "Second Laugh" where one laughs so hard a new laugh is released. Typically, this laugh will come out in a high-pitched fashion. This new laugh will sound like the word "Lahoy" (lah-hoy). In order to get to this magical second laugh, one will already need to be laughing and then another person tries making the subject laugh again by "finishing off" the person. If successful, the subject will be laughing at two things simultaneously thus creating a fusion of two laughs. This new creation is known as a Lahoy. They are rare and hard to come by unless you're a pro at finishing people off.
Lynnsay- Do you remember how belligerent you were last night?
Tom- Dude, look how drunk Kevin is!
Dylan- HAHA LAHOY!!!
by Geiser May 16, 2010
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