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Shortened version of Lahoo-zaher, as used by 'Evendullah', a character in the short story by 'ScoozMee' called "The 'Dullahs (pt I)".
Has a more 'spiritual' meaning than simply loser and tends to suggest someone who will not submit to movinity.
Is used with venom and vehemence rather than in a manner to mock and ridicule. See the example given.
From the aformentioned story - Reproduced with permission:

"You dare to attempt your silly Zionist attack on me? You lahoo ! I am gonna pound you with this !!!!! Do you know what this is ??? Do ya ?? Well, do ya ?? Have you any idea ???", Evendullah waved the crow-bar frantically.
Still dazed and confused, Jacob had the misfortune to stutter, "What ?"

"You stupid pathetic lahoo !!", shouted Evendullah.
Evendullah raised the shiny weapon high so he could put as much power into the swing as he could.
"I'll tell you what this is you filthy lahoo. It will be the last thing you hear before I send you to hell-fire..."
by Toonian Toadist April 10, 2006
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