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Laguniacs are the crunchiest of all granola-munching people that reside in Southern California. Laguniacs spend much of their slathering each other with sunscreen and grooming "their" beach's of unsightly kelp.

Laguniacs support corruption of the MLPA.

Laguniacs want you to lose your freedom (something that is being chipped away a little at a time) this happens so some bureaucrat can have us all follow the “rules”. and what are those rules? They are controls thought up by the effete Laguniac snobs of the Laguna Beach, snobs that think they know what we should think and how we should live our lives and “Laguniacs know what is best"
Laguniacs want to groom the beach, yet want everyone else to follow the MLPA laws If this is the case, then perhaps the city of Laguna Beach and the Lagunatics are in violation when they groom the beach and remove kelp that has washed ashore.

Laguniacs "beach groomers"
is what the treehugging granola munching old ladies are calling their personal grooming process to try and help them get laid.

Laguniacs supports the MLPA Initiative which is corrupt, yet still want to personally groom what they perceive to be their own private beaches.

Laguniacs love fish munching Sea Lions.
by Socal mom January 07, 2012
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A denizen of Laguna Beach, California.
The Lagunatics talk about real estate one minute, and their chakras the next. A bunch of bobos
by octopod May 29, 2004

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