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a person relating to those whose origin is the so cal city of laguna beach. Fake, trend-follower, as shallow as my little brother's kiddie pool.
male: hollister model wannabe
female: fake-baked barbie, O.C. style
"Hey Cheb, look at that lagoon over there; let us make haste to rid our memory of that forsaken soul."
by Gilby and Mahoney February 18, 2005
"We totally lagooned Toby with that blow up sheep on his doorstep! Hope he doesn't call the police!"
by cuntfuckll February 16, 2009
sexual position where one bends oneself into the shape of an "E". This must be done in a standing postion.
"Can you believe we walked in on steph and rob lagooning last night?"
"damn... I didn't know they could bend like that while standing up."
by Steph&Rob March 23, 2009
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