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An extremely loose-aggressive poker player.
Corporation Mike is raising me on every flop. He's such a lag tard.
by Chester the Jester January 30, 2007
A contraction of the words lag, which defines a slow sluggish state of a client-server connection rate, thus causing an entire peer network to be reduced to the speed of the lag, and tard, which is a contraction of retard, a typically insulting moniker used to define someone whose lameness or poor quality reduces the quality of his or her peers, a lagtard is the party responsible for lag in an online peer network.
That lagtard with his slow-ass dialup connection is ruining our Counter-Strike game!
by mistermocha June 16, 2004
One whose computer has slowed to unusable speeds while doing something important.

One whose computer is frozen/crashed while doing something important.

One whose brain functions slower than a retard.

One who lost every event at the special olympics.
Unknown Soldier is a lagtard.

Ryan's voice sounds like a robot, he's such a fucking lagtard.
by tator January 07, 2004
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