Lady points act as the opposite to man points. Lady points are received when a person carries out particular feminine tasks/actions.

Often used to insult a male, when the loss of man points is not significant enough to describe the level of lady-ness.

For example ...

-watching 27 dresses alone and hungover
-receiving during sex
-thinking Russell Brand is sexy
-listening to Corinne Bailey Rae

- And other gay/feminine tasks/actions
Man 1: 'beige is sooo this seasons colour.'
Man 2: 'dude, you just got lady points.'
Top Definition
Props given to inspirational and awesome ladies that do what they love, and can inspire others to do the same.
Whoa, Mina at that animal shelter every single day? That's dope. Mad-Ladypoints to Mina.

Elia is just the publisher's receptionist but damn does she get some Ladypoints, 'cause she's always finding ways to write, even if it's just a technical manual on how to not keep breaking the photocopier.
by rls446 March 22, 2013
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