when a male has long fingernails.
why do you have lady fingers again? why don't you clip that shit?
by mz anna j February 18, 2007
Top Definition
A term for sticking your fingers down your throat to induce vomiting, most often done after a large meal.

Suggested as what one would have for dessert after a large meal. Most often accompanied by a motion of sticking two fingers down your throat.
"I'm so full. I think I'll have a couple of 'ladyfingers' for dessert" (motions two fingers down their throat)

(Returns from bathroom) "Just had a couple of 'ladyfingers' for dessert" (winks, wipes mouth with napkin)
by Chip Woodman January 23, 2010
When a man's fingers give off an overwhelming scent of pussy after engaging in manual manipulation of the vagina.
Lil' Wayne: " I have just returned from the estate of my Lady caller and my hands smell most disagreeable."

Mr. Darcy: "Aw Shit dawg yous gots Lady Fingers, no bueno!"
by Cool Whip 269 269 February 02, 2010
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