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A shadow of a much greater entity in this world. Someone who loves and takes care of her friends even if they are slow to realize this.
by Geist von Rorouni July 03, 2003
1) that so desirable a creature which could entrance and break my heart all with not even a word spoken.
Don't I wish I could...but she's just not an option. I love you Courtney.
by |_-malevolence-_| July 01, 2003
hmm one of those who are unforgetable in your memory. One who is totally un control with men. Though her heart it kind and pure,her actions filled with love,the one who will remain close to thee.
A friend who lite a fire of love in my heart though no one can fan it out.
by Witch of Darkness July 02, 2003
nothing much to say bout her, can't remember her for shit *shrugz*
by Nightmare Reincarnated September 08, 2003