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A gay man, with any degree of femininity and/or masculinity, that is unaware of his homosexuality while it is accepted as common knowledge by everyone that has ever met him.
I wish Bob would finally come-out of the closet. His mother says she can’t wait for him to meet a nice man, but that he is in such denial.

Sally – He isn’t in denial because has no idea. He is still a lady-in-waiting.
by GayManWithGoodLooksAndWit June 13, 2009
when a guy who is not single is sexually attracted to a female friend, he starts to chat her up more. That way, when his relationship ends, he has another girl waiting for him. Therefore, the lady is in waiting.
Jen and I are going to break up soon, so I'm going to text Cindy. Maybe if we talk enough, she'll want me, and then when Jen dumps me I'll bone Cindy! I love having a lady in waiting.
by allisonslav January 27, 2010
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