Definition of "Lady Gaga". She is the shit that is into the sick big time. She hits the nerve of that which is true in all.
E: i can't wait to see the bitch perform live
Y: yeah, the shitkadildo is Lady Gaga
by onyxlegs September 08, 2010
She's a free bitch, baby.
Lady GaGa, she's a free bitch?

Yes. Yes, she is.
by lightningbaroness August 13, 2010
A popular musician, actress, and entertainer who creates shamelessly vapid, shallow, and self-aware guilty pleasure music. She became a massive hit in 2008 thanks to The Fame, a killer record with some of the catchiest and accessible dance music ever. She released a follow up album one year later which received much critical and commercial success.

She was accepted in the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and studied shit like music theory and interpretation of art, so you know she knows exactly what she's doing when making this shit. She withdrew in the second year when her musical talent was discovered by hip-hop music Akon. Fame and success soon followed as well as a fuckton of LGBT fans who are to her what Catholics are to Christianity.

By the way, contrary to popular belief, she is not a hermaphrodite; she's an open bisexual. The reason for this confusion stems from two sources: an interview with Christina Aguilera and 4chan. The former was asked in an interview what she thought of her fashion sensibilities being compared to The Lady and she stated that she was "completely unaware of Gaga" and "didn't know if it was a man or woman". Unfortunately, the stalking abomination that is 4chan quickly picked up on this offbeat and uneducated remark and was built overnight into the monolith of a baseless rumor that it is today. /the more you know
Lady Gaga is so talented! Why is she pouring all of her artistic expression into shallow music that sounds better at clubs than the radio?

Lady Gaga? Pfft! Puh-LEASE! Everyone know she's a hermaphrodite! I mean, even 4chan said she is!
by MrBearJew August 27, 2010
The most talented, amazing person alive! Lady gaga is not only talented and can sing, but also has her own personality. She's not afraid of what people think and she doesn't let the bad publicity bring her down. All of her songs have been top hits and she continues to release new and amazing music.

You're so amazing, it's almost like lady gaga! ALMOST. no one is near as amazing as her though!
by myaonfya2 July 28, 2010
Very unique new pop singer.

Crazy attitude, wild clothing, catchy music, and just all around different.

And although her music may consist of "I-could-have-thought-of-that" lyrics. She thought of it first.
Dumbass : "Omg! Lady Gaga is so lame. Her lyrics are soo simple, I could've thought them up on my own!"

Person : "Yea, but you didn't"
by Famee Monsterr November 25, 2009
Probably the best pop artist of 2009, & soon to be 2010. Had four smash hits on one album, 'The Fame'. The singles include 'Just Dance', 'Poker Face', 'Love Game', & 'Paparazzi'. Just released a new album 'The Fame Monster', which is an add-on to her first album. Refers to her fans as 'Monsters'. Does NOT have a penis. Most known for crazy over the top clothes & hair-do's.
Lady Gaga did an amazing job at the 2009 VMA's!
by Amanda Brokaw January 01, 2010
the essence of camp
despite her overelaborate music videos and performances; which convey a desperate attempt to be the female Andy Warhol, i love Lady GaGa and find her very entertaining as she is so CAMPY:)
by gayboyfresh August 06, 2010

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