What NBA bloggers call their girlfriends
I missed the 2nd half last night. I was out with my lady friend
by zugzugpat February 18, 2013
special ladies who are your friends. They are no ordinary friends; they are hillarious and drunk pictures can be extremely funny the next morning.
My ladyfriends and I were laughing histerically while looking at the pictures from the night before.
by RakkelReed December 02, 2007
Name used by awkward Princeton graduates to describe women they think are their girlfriends.
"There may be a lady friend involved, but she is neither a babe nor a chick."
by top loops May 17, 2009
The term successful men in their late 20s use to describe an older, more experienced (sexually and professionally) woman (either their own age or in cougardom) with whom they maintain a relationship, but without fear of commitment or of such a mature woman becoming psycho, controlling, possessive gold diggers.
He goes to a city once a month to visit his lady friend.
by loveguru2011 April 06, 2011
Created in October of 2004 by an individual named Rafiki of Oregon. When a man, more notably a guy, is going out with a woman but is unwilling to give the relationship a name (e.g girlfriend), the woman is described as a lady friend.
A lady friend provides all of the satisfaction of a girlfriend without any of the commitments.
by en.Fuego November 15, 2010
Commonly used term by men fearful of commitment to refer to the woman that they have been dating. This term is usually used to indicate that while he has no intention of being involved in a committed relationship with said woman she is off limits to all other men.
WARNING: If you are referred to as a said "lady friend", do not ever make the mistake of referring to yourself as "girlfriend" or hooking up with another guy in front of the man that considers you his "lady friend" as you will no longer be referred to as "lady friend", but instead as "slut", "hoe", "skank", etc.
No, she's not my girlfriend. She's just my lady friend.
by Lady Friend September 27, 2006
the equivalent of a guyfriend, or a friend that just happens to be a guy.
I'm hanging with my lady friend tonight!
by monkeygirllolo January 30, 2010
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