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A group of British Males back around the year 2000, usually aged around 15-upwards at the time. The "Lads From 2000" dress code consists of wearing Lacoste/Rockport Boots with Pringle Socks over Tracksuit Bottoms, Ben Sherman/Ralph Lauren shirts and famously Lacoste Tracksuits. Lads From 2000 go to town in big groups every weekend to shops such as Wade Smith, GBH Sports, Trakeez and Giancarlo Ricci. They went to nightclubs such as the Paradox, Pulse, O-FiveOne and the BarCa.
Hey Paul, do you remember those Lads from 2000 who used to wear Rockport Boots with Pringle socks over Tracksuit bottoms?, they had style didnt they?
by toniferrari November 30, 2009
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