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When a person refuses to wear/buy expensive clothing (ie. Lacoste, Ralph Lauren etc.). They will say that it makes them look 'preppy', and that they can find much cheaper clothing which, in fact, looks much better. They use this excuse to hide the real reason - they can't afford it.
Jeff: "Hey, like my new Lacoste polo?"
Melissa: "Why would you spend so much money on a shirt? I bought this blouse at Zellers for $7.99"
Jeff: "You're just Lacoste Intolerant, aren't you?"
Melissa: "Whatever" *Goes back in trailer*
by Satisfaction Jackson January 03, 2009
Someone who hates preppies.
You wanna go down to this bar in Irvine?

No thanks, Im LaCoste Intolerant, and just being in the presence of preppies makes me get farty and bloated.
by BJ Bruce August 06, 2007
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