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1) To get "one-upped" or story topped in the most extreme way.

2) To think for a moment you've got some exciting news only to find out you've got a Lachiusa lurking in the room ready to instantly dominate your story.
TOM: "Hey'll never believe this! Last night I went 4 for 4 with two triples, a homerun, 6 RBI's and no errors in the field"

LACHIUSA: "Wow, that's incredible! But I went 5 for 5 with FOUR GRAND SLAMS, a single, 19 RBI's, 3 stolen bases -- including home, 7 diving catches in Left Field and I pitched a perfect game! Oh, did I mention I broke my leg in the 1st inning?"

TOM: "I just got Lachiusa'd"
by SIR SNIPEAL0TT February 04, 2008
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