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the finest damn girl you'd ever meet
I saw LaQuisha today and Damn she looked fine
by steve owen February 11, 2003
73 134
a black chick
look at laquisha with the really natural looking bright red horse hair
by oscar February 06, 2004
453 100
A stereotypical name for a ghetto black girl/woman
"I bet you that black girl over there name is Laquisha".
by DonVee April 04, 2012
100 23
a crazy heffa
by anonymous February 11, 2003
166 113
Shanaynay's besttest friend ever and they are NOT gonna be outta touch over the summer of 2009! They will go to Bush Gardens (laquishas first time) and pee in their pants while they ride shiekra; go to seawrold and see shamuu; and go to the zoo and roar like lions and glance at giraffes! At the yatch club is where they'll be. and getting tan (tanner for laquisha! Shanaynay loves laquisha! :)
Laquisha is the most flyest son of a biscut shanaynays ever seen!
by Shanaynaybby April 29, 2009
96 131
A typically female name. Also apparently a term for a chic with an awesome butt. ~Note: See def. for angela.
check out the laquisha on her. mmm...mmm...mmm!
by ~Ang February 20, 2009
61 102
A Pretty young queen
by anonymous March 21, 2003
108 158