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A beautiful, yet unique person. Very unpredictable, but always the life of the party. Has a likeable personality and easy to get along with. Not the type of person you would like to be on their bad side. If she doesn’t like you she’ll let you know.
this party is a ladonna!
by serenity12 May 19, 2009
A bizarre type of person like her name with very peculiar ways. Someone who is usually misunderstood. Though weird and unpredictable, Ladonna is real. She doesn't take shit from anyone.
What a peculiar person! She's such a Ladonna.
by Randalle March 11, 2009
Love child. By nature a La Donna is a wild spirit with itchy feet. One who loves to travel and experience life, the ultimate of outgoing. As such, a La Donna is full of stories and pleasurable conversation that is only surpassed by her beauty. Easily the center of a party and can get down with the get down. A mix of hippy, rockstar, cowgirl and girl next door.
On a scale of 1 to La Donna, how would you rate that chick?
by riiiiiiiggghhhttt April 03, 2010
A girl who is pretty...ugly.
boy: You're pretty...

girl: Aww your sweet

boy: pretty "ladonna".

girl: whats a "ladonna"?

boy: someone who is pretty, ugly.

girl: You must be gay.

boy: That's good.
by The truthful liar August 20, 2010
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