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It might possibly be the next YOLO. It stands for "Live While We're Young" and this is the title to the new single that One Direction will be releasing soon.
I'm going to go to this rollercoaster cause you know, YOLO.
Did you just say YOLO? It's not YOLO anymore it's LWWY!
by annacy97 August 23, 2012
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The Directioners way of saying YOLO. Stands for Live While We're Young.
Jessica: that looks disgusting
Melissa: Just try it!
Jessica: Fine! LWWY!
by Oh My Glob Its 1D November 17, 2012
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Live While We're Young. What you say to the world (or people) when it, mother world, does stuff that goes against you're values as a tween or young adult looking to have a good time with some buddies or by yourself.

pronounced L-We
Man did you see Jeff last night at the carnival? man that guy know's how to party LWWY

LWWY guyss, i bailed on my final exam day and met up with Liam and other dudes to hang out! We got soo drunk,man it was great. No regret guys, no regrets.
by misterm-d November 10, 2012
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