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Las Vegas Untouchables : A group of friends residing in Las Vegas. They have each others back when shit hits the fan but they aren't looking to start fights over kiddy bullshit.
Damn, that mofucker fucked my girlfriend... Better rally up LVU.


Damn, this fool jacked me for a couple benjamins... oh well I'll let the LVU boys come take care of it with me.
by Austin AK Kiser May 23, 2007
I Love You, in quick text form
Partner 1: Don't forget to take out the trash!

Partner 2: I know, lvu

Partner 1: lvu2
by UR-GODZ August 02, 2014
"Lvu" is used when you're kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to say "I love you" as quick as possible. Generally your partner replies with a quicker "lvu".
*smooch* *kiss* *kiss kiss* *smooch*
C:«lvu» (probably not understanding what A said)
by LingeringRage June 04, 2014
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