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1. A slang term used to refer to "Las Vegas Academy of International Studies, Performing and Visual Arts."

2. An abbreviated acronym for the above, used in multiple venues. i.e. "LVA; Gay okay."

3. A magnet high school located in downtown Las Vegas with majors in the arts (Theatre, tech, visual arts, etc.), language (Japanese, Spanish, French, German) and music (Choir, orchestra, band).

4. "Effing Awesome."
Dude, I was hanging out at LVA in Knapp the other day and I saw this scene-kid techie. What a n00b.
#lva #las vegas academy #lvaispva #academy #gay okay
by Lucky Paopu May 13, 2007
Las Vegas Academy, an art highschool.

Seriously awesome.
I love LVA, like to death, the only thing I would change is those two or three emo kids.
by yaoi-chan November 11, 2004
A highschool where your only ''cliques'' are the different majors. ex: theatre majors, choir majors, techies, orchestra majors, band majors, jazz band majors, art majors, photo majors and language majors! Everyone there is a little off but they're performers so it's ok.
Those girls are definitely from LVA.
#major #highschool #high school #cliques #performers
by friedclowsryummyumz February 12, 2011
1. The best high school anyone could hope for. Students are actually nice to each other (for the most part) and teachers don't treat the students like hyperactive 3rd graders.

2. A high school that has been getting prolonged lockdowns very soon after winter break for 2 years now

3. A haven for musicians, artists, and actors.
1. "I can't stand my high school! The teachers are so mean and no one will talk to me."
"Wow you obviously don't go to LVA."

2. "Did you hear about the 4 hour lock down the day after winter break in 2010? Well LVA had another one just after winter break in 2011 as well. Almost 2 hours after school."

3. I love LVA.
#lva #las vegas academy #talented kids #high school #lockdown #mean children
by GrimLightning January 12, 2011
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