A slang mispronunciation of "Rufus," originally coined by an infamous webmaster of the same name. Usually typed in all caps followed by an exclamation mark. Has become an underground term for anyone or anything called Rufus.
Hey LUFUS! Get your truck! We're going to Canada!
by CtrlX July 15, 2004
Top Definition
An acronym used by classical musicians when faced with an inept conductor. Stands for "Look Up, Fuck Up". Meaning, when you look up at the conductor, it causes more problems that it solves.
"That conductor was all over the place, he's a total LUFU case."
by bratschist September 20, 2013
a sluggish, lethagic person
hey lufus! get off the couch!
by bk12345678910 July 30, 2008
my nickname........baller from p-town!
yo lufus u a balla!!
by lufus!!!!!!!!!!!!! November 20, 2004
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