What people think is a term for people that are born into a rich family, but they dont realize that that person problably wouldent chose that if they could.
That asshat Dick Be!!@@#er called me a lucky sperm! That stupid mother fucker dosent even realize that I dont want this stupid job ion the first place....Asshole
by afgh October 09, 2006
Top Definition
An epithet hurled by class warriors at people born to wealth and privilege.Of course they wish they had chosen their parents more wisely.
ACTRESS/WAITRESS 1:"I have Paris Hilton's table.LUCKY SPERM bitch!The whole fuckin'table of 'em.She better fuckin' tip BIG."

ACTRESS/WAITRESS 2:"My...what beautiful green eyes you have."
by L.MARTIN October 27, 2005
of all the sperm that left your fathers jewel sack
you are the one who made it

so deal with the hand that you have been delt, or else you are just a crash test dummy for a rubber vortex
or a spill to clean up by some migrant worker

live for the sake of chance
Even at your lowest point in life, pull up your pants and realize that you are not plastered to the skin of a kleenex skin . You were strong enough to penentrate an egg amist the carnage of your fellow ejaculates. Hold your head high and carry on, for you are a lucky sperm.
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