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Acronym: Legal Unsolicited Commercial Email, (legal spam or UCE)
Because the spammers sent spam that didn't violate the CAN-SPAM act, what they sent was LUCE, not spam.

They aren't spammers, they're LUCErs
by WebGuy August 07, 2007
38 22
A Lighter. Derived from the Italian word for light, pronounced Lou-ch
Hey man I want to smoke this sploop, pass the luce.

Who's got the luce?
by Crisis31 April 20, 2010
12 6
An Adjective for a guy that acts younger than he is, and/or doesn't do things (especially women) that are appropriate for his age. Not liked by other guys mainly for making them look bad and cock-blocking, etc.
Dude that chick is half your age! You banged her? Your so Luce!

That girl is so fine! I'm about to go all Luce on her ass!
by Sock Starcher November 16, 2011
5 6
Asian stud.. Small Penis
Did u see that chode? "Yeah that was luces alright"
by Tommy MrGrew July 05, 2011
1 4
Having sex vaginally or analy with an individual of the opposite sex
I got luce last night
by darnili January 28, 2009
13 31
Probably the most under appreciated artist in the world of music. The band became popular for their hit song "Good Day" in 2002. They released their first album on June 4, 2002. Three years later they released their second album on April 19, 2005. With hits like "Buy a Dog" and "Never Ending", this is defiantly a band you should check out.
"dude remember the band luce?"

"yea man, they totally rock."
by swede' January 16, 2007
18 46
the act of pissing everyone off around you.
being bittter and smelling of cigarettes and coffee.
an irritating bump underneath the balls but in between the asshole.
man, that guy luces everyone.
it smelled like luce in the elevator
i need to go to the doctor for that luce i got on my taint.
by shaver the ball shaver April 27, 2006
13 54