Loose Trousers Syndrome,

Usually affects male ages 15-19 when they come locked in an environment where there are few females worth shagging. The symtoms are a loss of the ability to distnguish the foin grls from the iight grls, overbearing horniness which usually results in the viewing of pornography, and humping any (ANY) chick that will. This disorder can be prevented simply, make all the goblins-gremlins-skeezers-chikenheads-ducks and all other groups of buttface women stay indoors from 6pm-11pm (the freaks come out at night). If you do indeed show signs of any of these symptoms , plan for an extended stay in Palm Beach, Florida; the beautiful women shud raise your standards.
situation: a club

Dang, Dude must have LTS; he jus hopped on a guirilla gal an started grinding!
by Pieces March 05, 2005
Top Definition
A girl who is taller than the average. Phrase stemming from the taller ladies Boutique - "Long Tall Sally".
Hey bruvs, I just got me an LTS...
by ChimpChump December 20, 2004
LTS is "Laugh To Self" - A variant for LOL (Laughing Out Loud)
A portrayal of good humor - before reaching the LOL stage.
People often type LOL when they aren't really LOL. 11 year old Kristen Tobey from Fort Wayne, IN noticed this and started encouraging friends to type LTS for gathering humor, which caught on. This opens the door for more shortcut terms in degrees of chuckle.
by singdeep April 30, 2010
The last tokes of a fag after saves
by daisyjennings July 11, 2008
Love This Shit
Today I got to cook for the best chefs in the world LTS
by EPC February 04, 2015
Let's Talk Sex
Call me tonight so we can lts. Or bbm me and let's talk sex
by Queen Lee January 02, 2011
Laughing Til Silent
I laughed so hard I couldn't make a sound, I was silent. LTS
by JT211 April 13, 2010
Lts is used in texting or virtual games. It means "Last to say" .
Owner: Ok. Green, LTS?
Green: LTS: Gummy bears
Everyone: Gummy bears
by -Skittles- January 20, 2016
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