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Lace the fuck up!!!

A term used by badboy signed rapper MGK (Machine Gun Kelly)
Life doesnt stop for no body, so LTFU!!

lace the fuck up mgk machine gun kelly cleveland
by lovely101810 September 15, 2011
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Lighten the fuck up.
omg, we're gonna be late!!!!

Dude, ltfu!
by Count3D July 03, 2007
The act of "Lacing the Fuck Up"
When MGK went to the club to rage he had no choice but to LTFU!
by misssauce222 June 15, 2012
Acronym for 'lit the fuck up'.
Keith better STFU before he get's LTFU.

That nigga don't know he's fixin' to be LTFU.
by gryffndr August 09, 2011

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