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Last standing vigina
When you go out to a club and it is getting to the end of the night. The only thing that's left are the LSV's that no one else wanted. Or Greg was so drunk he didn't care that he grabbed a LSV on his way out.
by SRobins March 04, 2014
LSV-Lakesarasota Villians- A group of kids who live in lakesarasota. They smoke a bunch of bud, rob alot of cars, chill at lakeview Park, and do crazy ass illegal shit.
Man, we hit that lick so clean!
Yeah bro LSV style.
by Kash Polce April 08, 2009
sexy mofo with men and women but all the girls get to do is wish they were with him LOLERS
ur as hot as lsv is...
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
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