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An internet phenomenon who is the epitome of class, culture, romance, righteous Christian living, and kindness. LSUoverUSC was responsible for exposing USC as frauds, which included erecting 2003 billboards in Los Angeles and at ESPN to clarify that LSU was the only 2003 National Champion. Since then, LSUoverUSC has been devoted to rebuilding New Orleans, dedicating his life to his Beloved, and playing Scrabble with his lovely Mother. His LSUoverUSC Blog was named the 8th most popular blog on in 2005.
LSUoverUSC exposed the corruption that is rampant at USC, showing us all that USC has zero legit national championships since the 1970s.
by TexasMan22 November 03, 2009
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obsessed pole-smoking necrophiliac that lives in 2003
there is nobody quite like LSUoverUSC
by okrush January 07, 2005
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