Laughing so hard my turban unravels and falls in my curry.

Happens frequently for a person classified as a dundoo.
She told me a joke, and I was thrashing my head so violently from laughter that I LSHMTUAFIMC.

Being a dundoo, I often LSHMTUAFIMC. It's quite embarrassing.
by lshmtuafimc-aholic23456 March 21, 2010
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Laugh so hard my turban unravels and falls in my curry O_o

Also a good way to add an extra EIGHT pointless letters to your responce on msn instead of writing just 'Lol', to a whopping great paragragh your best mate just spent a couple of hours explaining to you, about how the cat failed to deliver the post because it decided to desintergrate on the livingroom floor.
Best mate: "......and now i don't know what to do!!! Help meee pleeease!!!!"

You:"Lshmtuafimc. Sorry."
by The Chon$teR ^_^O_o September 14, 2010

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