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When a defendant is facing a significant amount of time behind bars, has the "oh shit!" moment and begins to spend all his/her time in the free world on Google researching cases which have been thrown out of Court. Said cases may or may not have some resemblance to their case. The person will then convince themselves that their case is EXACTLY the same as the researched case and suddenly develop a mental belief that their attorney doesn't know anything about the law and that they know significantly more...really about everything in general. Where law students study for the LSATs, a person who fits this description would study for the LSHITs.
Dirk: "Man, I don't know what's wrong with my stupid attorney, did you know that 1a) DISTRIBUTION: Licensee shall be imposed by the pleasure of the petitioner is the Warrant Certificates.?"
Larry: "Damn dude, what the fuck are you saying? I can tell you've been studying for your LSHITs!"
by Hattitude April 25, 2014

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