Top Definition
Laughing so hard I've prolapsed
Oh! That is funny, LSHIP!
by Pooin June 23, 2010
Laughed So Hard I Pooted
I got tickled after about twelve bong hits. Next thing I know LSHIP. Oops!
by Run_I_said_run August 20, 2011
Pronounced L-ship. An acronym that stands for Laugh So Hard I Puke.
Damn! Thats hilarious!!! **BARF** Aw man, I LSHIP'ed!
by ubouttogetlooted April 19, 2006
Laughed So Hard I Pee'd

Mostly for Peri-menopausal women
LSHIP - Is an example really needed??!! When my husband walked into the screen door I "LSHIP"
by Love Laughin' February 16, 2010

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