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Liquid Pantie Dropper

It is when the mere sight of a LPD, melts all panties within visual range instantaneously.
A LPD enters a room, all girls moan as thier panties melt away. They all are overcome with excitement by the LPD.
by Deus Nero February 05, 2006
getting loser pissed, absoulutly hammer
holy fuck i crashed my car in the ditch i must have been lp'd
by supersexyd January 25, 2012
She looks ok from the distance, but not up close.
LPD she looks attractive from a distance, but not up close.
by xJernej May 16, 2016
Little pitchy, dawg.

One of Randy Jackson's favorite catchphrases on American Idol, this term is now applied to anything and everything that just doesn't quite cut it.
JamesXX: Does everyone like this mspaint I made?
gdrd36: LPD
by ccz April 24, 2008
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