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The feeling of emptiness that follows the finale of the ABC series "LOST". Symptoms include using characters as your Facebook avatar for no reason, playing 4-8-15-16-23-42 on your weekly lottery tickets, eating imaginary peanut butter out of empty jars, employing phrases like "This is my destiny!" and "See ya in another life, brotha" in daily conversation - often with bad Scottish accents and out of context - and creating Urban Dictionary definitions for "LOSTalgia" as a means of coping with the loss.
Friend#1: "What's that you're listening to?"

Friend #2: "Geronimo Jackson."

Friend #1: "Feeling the LOSTalgia again, huh?"

Friend #2: (nods....cries a little) "

Friend# 1: ".....You really need to get a girlfriend."

Friend #2 (suddenly angry): "Do you know badly I want to kill you?"

Friend #1: "Uh...yeah....I'm gonna go now. Don't stay up too late."

Friend#2: "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Friend #1: (walks away without another word)

Friend #2: (calls after him) We have to go back!
by big_baggins June 03, 2010
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